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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Firefighters rushed from no less than 9 area departments, including South Blooming Grove Independence FD, Salisbury Mills FD, Vails Gate FD, Washingtonville Monell FD, Woodbury FD, Chester FD, Campbell Hall FD, Cornwall FD and the Tuxedo FD in an effort to save the Mintleaf Market on Route 208 in South Blooming Grove. Their quick work probably saved the building, though it will need significant repairs along its right side adjacent to the parking lot and its roof.

If one were to drive by, the front of the newly opened Kosher establishment that local residents were so proud of, it looks like there was no damage, but pulling around its side you can see that there is indeed significant damage.

The quick work of the massive firefighter response likely saved the establishment, tho it will take time to reopen. An assembly of residents from the Hasidic community came to view the damage and determine what steps to take next, and seemed very grateful for the firefighters' efforts.

It is not known yet what the cause of the fire was, but investigaters arrived from the County, and will determine whether a number of active video cameras can shed some light on the cause. It is very fortunate that the South Blooming Grove Independence FD is merely 2 minutes from the site.

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