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I am so grateful for my first 2 BUSINESS SPONSORS of the Courier Journal: The Village of Washingtonville, and Quick Insurance Agency. Who else is ready for the best advertising in the area at $250 for 6 months? The model for this online news edition is going to change a little. I realized that subscriptions are a great idea, but people associate them with a paper news, and don't like the digital subscription process. While we have had OVER 12,000 people click and read stories just the past 30 days, and add to that over 8,000 last month, we have 22 subscriptions total. Also, it occurred to me early on that "Why would I withhold the best and most important stories from those who have not subscribed?" So everyone has free access. The alternative is to concentrating on a very special advertising deal, especially for some of the more established businesses that can afford what is probably the best ad rate you've ever seen. I am offering a SUMMER TO FALL 6-MONTH ADVERTISING PACKAGE FOR $250 - THAT IS 6 MONTHS OF BOTH SPOTLIGHT ADS AND COVERAGE OF ANY SPECIAL EVENTS OR INTERESTING HISTORY OF YOUR BUSINESS. The 22 kind people who subscribed... they will still get special notification of breaking news.

Also, the next phase of the project will be some printed material, describing the Courier Journal, and including the Art & Environmental Learning program that begins this Saturday at the Hoeffner Farms Event. It will probably take another month, but a catalogue of the awesome environmental print collection we have, will soon be displayed at the new Senior Center and possibly also at the Rec Center at Fulton Square. THIS LITERATURE WILL FEATURE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF OUR BUSINESS SPONSORS.

This has certainly become a full-time job, and I absolutely love it and appreciate the love I have received for doing it. We have lots more to come (Did someone say maybe Podcast?). But we need financial support to continue. Call me at 845-381-0804 (and please leave a message if I can't answer right away. Business calls are usually responded to within an hour.) Hey, 25,000 clicks for 3 months is a big WIN.....where else can you promote your business to that volume of local people who care about our greater community...please help me keep it going.

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