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Skoufis Declares Victory In Senate Race

State Senator James Skoufis (D-Orange County) has declared victory in his bid for a third term to represent the new 42nd State Senate District, comprising nearly all of Orange County. The win signals the strength of his bipartisan appeal, his extensive record of delivering for Hudson Valley families on everything from record school funding to lowering middle-class income taxes, and his long-standing ability to defy the odds in a deeply Republican district.

“Tonight, I am humbled and heartened by the groundswell of support we received at the polls,” said Skoufis. “Over the past ten years in the State Legislature, we’ve earned the consistent support of Democrats, Republicans, and independent voters alike for one simple reason: our Orange County neighbors know I have always, and will always, fight for them and their families.”

“Tonight’s success is all of ours” Skoufis continued. “Whether you’re a senior citizen or in law enforcement, the construction trades, education, healthcare, and beyond, know that you have a partner and a fighter in me and I’ll never lose sight of your needs. To that end, I’ll continue working to bring Orange County the resources and attention we deserve from Albany. I want to thank my family and my team for all of their hard work and sacrifice these past few months, and I also want to thank my opponent, Councilwoman Houle, for a spirited campaign. Now, let’s get back to work!”


Despite substantial losses for many of the region’s Democratic candidates within Orange County, Skoufis won with a lead that is only expected to grow once the final absentee ballots are counted.

Skoufis first entered public service as a Town of Woodbury Councilman before serving three terms as a State Assemblyman. In 2018 he won the State Senate seat he now holds. This year’s redistricting process led to the division of his current 39th District into five distinct districts, including the 42nd. Skoufis currently resides in the Town of Cornwall.

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