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Skoufis Bill "ERIC" Passes In Senate to Join Multi-State Voter Registration Verification Program

Senator James Skoufis (D-Orange County) announced that his bill (S.6173B) to authorize the New York State Board of Elections to join a multi-state voter list maintenance organization—ERIC—has passed in the Senate. As the official record of all eligible voters, a state’s voter registration rolls are the foundation of

free, fair, and accurate elections. Keeping voter rolls up to date can be a demanding obligation for states: Voters move and sometimes fail to change their registration, or pass away and family members forget to inform Board of Election officials. Maintaining accurate voter rolls reduces the opportunity for improper behavior and helps build confidence in election outcomes.

“Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy,” said Skoufis, “and I am proud that my first bill of 2024 works in support of that effort. The ERIC bill will direct New York State to maintenance program. I am proud to advance this and all efforts to make voting in New York more fair, accessible, and trusted.”

“On behalf of ERIC’s members, including all of New York’s neighbors, it’s exciting to see the State Senate take an important step toward improving the accuracy of the state’s voter rolls while expanding access to voter registration information,” said Shane Hamlin, Executive Director of ERIC.

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