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Skoufis Announces Long-Awaited 17M Repaving from Chester to Monroe

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) is delighted to announce the long-awaited repaving of a six-mile stretch of State Route 17M from Chester to Monroe. Skoufis recently helped negotiate this $5 million project in the Department of Transportation’s capital plan. DOT will also complete drainage upgrades and reconstruction of curb ramps, where present, to improve ADA accessibility along this vital corridor.

“This major repaving project will make a world of difference for local drivers and pedestrians,” said Senator Skoufis. “The 17M corridor between Chester and Monroe has long been a headache for motorists – one that constituents are increasingly vocal about with our office. I’m thrilled to share this good news ahead of the winter season. By making sure these roads are in fighting shape starting as early as next year, we’ll help connect people to the services and businesses they rely on, improving quality of life for many.”

“It is absolutely necessary that residents have safe roads to travel on,” said Town of Monroe Councilwoman Mary Bingham. “With the funds Senator Skoufis has obtained for the repaving of Route 17 from Monroe to Chester the pothole nightmare and the uneven road surface is finally going to be resolved. I want to thank Senator Skoufis for making this possible and thus ensuring the safety of all the residents who drive on this section of Route 17M.”

Senator Skoufis remains a vocal advocate for local infrastructure investment and anticipates further announcements in the coming months

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