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Ryan Speaks Out Against Repeal of Restrictions Against Releasing Toxic Substances in Hudson River

WASHINGTON – Congressman Pat Ryan (D, NY-18) is speaking out about proposed legislation that would allow more PFAS and other contaminants into waterways.

Ryan is concerned given the PFAS and PFOA contamination of Hudson Valley water sources, most notably the City of Newburgh reservoir.

“Every day in my district we have kids in Newburgh, seniors in Middletown who cannot access clean water. Asthma rates across my district greatly outpace the national average because of these very pollutants. The Hudson River, which provides drinking water to over 100,000 of my constituents is still overrun with PCBs and PFAS,” he said. “To introduce a bill that allows more PFAS on other contaminants into our water without any consideration of safety is an insult to my community and to the American people.”

Ryan noted the birth of the modern environmental movement took place on Storm King Mountain overlooking the Hudson when residents fought back against a massive hydro-electric plant proposed atop the mountain. The plan was eventually abandoned.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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