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Residents Cry Foul On 2 Counts in the Village of South Blooming Grove

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

At this week's Village of South Blooming Grove Planning and Village Board Meetings members discussed the need to obtain a parcel of land across from the new Mint Market (currently being restored due to a fire several months ago) at the intersection of Mangin Road and Route 208. To obtain the parcel, which is privately owned by the Gilroy family, longtime residents that the Village says have been "uncooperative" about selling, the Village says it will look into obtaining the property by "eminent domain". That is a legal taking of private land sometimes permitted when it is needed for the" public good." In this instance it would be for ease and safety of accessing the market, especially since many of the women in the area do not drive. Eminent doman is generally restricted to the taking of land for a needed use of the public such as a library, fire or police station. The Village would have to make the case that easier access to a privately owned store, whether for parking or pathways, is a justifiable reason for taking the land. If that was decided in the Village's favor they would have to compensate the family "at fair market value".

A second issue is another new school that is planned in a residential neighborhood in a portion of the Village on Prospect.Road. The school would serve 450 girls, grades K-8, on what is now 2 single-family resident lots with well and septic, and would require massive bus service and bring traffic issues . on what otherwise is a quiet country road Additionally, there are concerns regarding noise, streetlights, sidewalks, and drainage. Despite the public just learning about the plan in May, the projet is slated to break ground in Fall, 2023 and have a Fall 2025 opening.

A third issue that some residents have raised is whether the girls at this school will be receiving a full education when it is done. There have been questions in the past about the education that boys receive as compared to girls in the area's Ultra Orthadox schools.

Orange County Planning has been advised about the project and the public's concerns.

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