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Reminder! Special Blooming Grove Board Meeting For Start of Budget Hearings

Residents concerned about what next year's Town Tax Levy will look like should attend tonight's 7:01 PM Public Hearing, and/or read the Courier Journal's Review of it in tomorrow's online report.

The very first item is one that always seems to raise some eyebrowss of some people, but if you have followed budget herings over the years you know that the fact that the Board will propose a Local Law entitled "Tax Levy Limit Override for 2024" is standard procedure and does not mean there will be a huge tax increase. In fact, it just means that they will have the right to exceed the 2% tax increase IF it should become necessary.

Next on the Agenda is a Second Public Hearing, this one for a Proposed New Local Law that will authorize a SENIOR TAX EXEMPTION INCREASE.

Next there will be a Proposed Local Law to AMEND RESIDENCYY REQUIREMENT of the Court Clerk for the Town Justice.

Public Comment permitted for official limit of 3 minutes.

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