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Pull the Plane Event Earns Many Thousands for Cancer Research

Real Men Wear Pink to Support Fight Against Cancer

New Windsor - Over 100 people, including groups and individuals came to Stewart Airport early Sunday morning at the Second Aviation Hangar, trying to pull a United Airplane with a rope. They cheered each other on in the spirit that if everyone does their small part and pulls toward a result, the effect can be great and lead to cures for cancer.

Each group had fundraising at least $1,000 before the plane pull in order to qualify as a team. Organizer David Claisse assembled the event and where dozens not only wore pink, some wore all pink and more than one man was donned in a beautiful pink tutu.

The windy and chilly morning spurred them on, along with a DJ playing music just loud enough to dampen the noise of the wind gusts. In the end, he plane was largely the victor in most of the morning team pulls. Still, it proved the point that each little bit of progress and each team brought thousands of dollars to unlock new keys in the fight against cancer.

Asked whether there was a special person or memory that brought them to the event, several attendees said that grandparents and distant relatives had been lost to cancer in the past, but that they were really there to raise awareness and for the sake of everyone's future, a future without cancer. The top fundraising performers were:

BELFOR ($20,305), Resorts World (45,020, Bodies by Colotti ($3,380), Hudson Valley Women in Business ($2,260), GioLeo $1,470, Advanced DRI ($1,055), SERVPRO ($1,024), Merck & Shumen CPAs ($1,000), Capacity Marketing ($975) and Paul Nebrasky Plumbing $405) The Flexions ($3,380), Resorts World Gives ($2,500), Hudson Valley Women in Business ($2,260), GlioLeo ($1,470), Advanced DRI ($1,055), Walden Savings ($1,010), Jacobowitz & Gubits ($1,000), and Breast Friends Forever ($1,000)

Teams also competed against other teams in other pulling activities for the trophies. Outdoor games were scattered throughout the runway and kids activities were happening simultaneously as the main plane pull event. The fun also included food trucks, Cool truck and helicopter displays, kids crafts, face painting, traveling photo booth compliments of Zaro Celebrations and the great music coming from DJ Echo!

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