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Play Airlines is Back in Service at Stewart International Airport

STEWART AIRPORT – Play Airlines, with service from New York Stewart International Airport at Newburgh to Europe via Iceland, has resumed its daily flights on Friday.

They had suspended them in part of January until now because of low ridership and the harsh winters in Iceland.

But they are back in the air bringing travelers to the Hudson Valley from Europe and taking area residents to several major cities across the pond.

Also, Norse Airways, which has been flying between Europe and JFK International, has been diverting its Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights to Stewart while JFK’s Terminal One has been closed.

When Norse applied to the US Department of Transportation to provide US service, it specifically named Stewart as one of its target airports. But once they received federal approvals, they announced they would instead fly to JFK citing insufficient cargo loads in the bellies of the jets out of Stewart.

One aviation industry observer suggested Norse had planned on flying into JFK all along, but knew it would gain US approvals much easier by naming Stewart since it is an underserved facility.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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