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OC Partnership Chasing Windmills - for Long Island Sound

The Orange County Partnership says Sustainable energy is no longer a power source of the future; it is here now.

One such source is wind power and thousands of windmills are being planned 15 to 20 nautical miles off Montauk in the Long Island Sound.

Orange County Partnership President Maureen Halahan said Orange County wants a bite of the apple in manufacturing those devices. “All of those windmills have to be constructed in different places, the components have to be barged down there. The Port of Albany has an entire mecca of those projects and we want a bite of the apple,” she said. “So, we were very aggressive to make sure that we were identifying that would work for them and now we have actually had real meetings with real supervisors on this project.”

Halahan said her agency is also talking with a company that manufactures electric airplane components and they are exploring possible locations at one of the airports in the county.

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