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New Windsor Begins Voluntary Registry for Vulnerable Persons

The New Windsor Police Department has announced a new program to aid members of vulnerable populations.

The department has created a voluntary registry where family members may supply vital information about loved ones who are prone to wandering. This may include individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury or any other type of special needs, physical or mental disability.

Participation in the program is completely voluntary and information provided will be kept at the police department and only used when necessary to identify or locate a missing or wandering person.

In the event of an emergency, the information can allow officers to quickly and efficiently handle any incident that may arise. It provides officers with relevant and pertinent details that aid in identifying and reconnecting vulnerable persons with their loved one when minutes count.

“Often times, police officers encounter individuals who may not be able to identify themselves or provide their home address,” said Chief Dan Valeri. “Being able to search the registry, can assist officers in identifying these individuals and getting them home safely. Additionally, when a family member needs to report their loved one missing, the necessary information is already available for police to disseminate and begin a search.”

The goal of the program is to promote community safety, improve officer safety, increase the efficiency of operations, and give community members some peace of mind for loved ones that may be prone to wandering.

Registration forms are available online at or in person at the police department or Town Clerk Kelly Allegra’s Office.

For further information about the program, contact Sgt. Sylvester at 845-563-4660.

Source:Mid-Hudson News

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