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Neuhaus Unveils Proposed 2024 Budget

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus.

GOSHEN – Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus, Wednesday, provided details of his proposed 2024 county budget. The $923.0 million spending plan is up 2.8 percent above this year’s budget of $897.6 million.

He is proposing the separation of information technology from the general procurement department.

“With the overwhelming amount of responsibility and changes in the IT world, we think that is the best way going forward,” he said. “Then, we are also going to focus a lot on cyber protection.” Neuhaus also plans on increasing emergency management services and enhancing county parks and open space and creating new parklands. The county tax rate will continue to decline at $2.34, the lowest since the 1960s. The county anticipates collecting $124.5 million in property taxes while the cost of nine state mandates exceeds $168.3 million, the county executive said. And the county is expected to collect $6.6 million in hotel occupancy tax in the new year with some of that money going toward tourism promotion and economic development.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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