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NECSD Scholars Enjoying the Summer Culinary Program at South Middle School

Scholars in James and Mark Wenzel's summer culinary class have enjoyed recreating authentic recipes from around the globe. The Wenzel brothers have incorporated a meticulous schedule for the scholars that includes a brief history lesson on the dish they are preparing for the day. The scholars also learn why, when, and how to use various cooking techniques including braising, roasting, blanching, frying, searing, and grilling. In addition, the scholars have learned different knife cuts such as mincing and dicing.

During the meal preparation, students are separated into groups. Each group performs a different task (ie. cutting, rolling, peeling, etc.). As they prepare the dish of the day, the students clean the entire kitchen to insure a safe and clean cooking environment. Depending on what is being prepared, some students are snacking while cooking as well. Once the food is cooked, the brothers teach the scholars how to plate their dish. The presentation is just as important as the taste. The students are then able to sit and enjoy the meal they have just prepared.

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