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Let This Sink In! The Average Sullivan County Resident Saves $3,370 Taxes Due to Tourism Spending

The latest data compiled by Tourism Economics finds that traveler spending in Sullivan County in 2022 grew by 25.8 percent, an increase of over 154 percent over 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from all the county has to offer the tourist, Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association President Roberta Byron Lockwood said it puts money back into local taxpayers’ pockets.

“The average Sullivan County household saves $3,370 due to state and local tax revenues generated by tourism in this county, which is really quite significant,” she said. “They would have otherwise had to pay those dollars for services they already receive.” Visitors Association Chairman and Bethel Woods CEO Eric Frances said it is no accident that tourists come to Sullivan County. “Businesses in this community do an extraordinary job working together to create exceptional programming and unique experiences that attract visitors near and far,” he said.

(Source Mid-Hudson News)

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