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Judge Orders Vote On New Village of Ateres Despite Absence of Assembly Vote on Gov's Amendment

THOMPSON – Fallsburg Town Supervisor Michael Bensimon and Thompson Town Supervisor Bill Rieber were awakened very early Thursday morning – 2:48 a.m. – when they were served with an order to show for the election to create the new village of Ateres to go forward.

The vote on whether to allow creation of the new village that straddles both towns was scheduled for Wednesday, but because issues pertaining to the number of affirmative votes were not resolved, the two officials cancelled the vote.

A new law requires creation of a village to have 2,000 petitioners and a socio-economic study, But Governor Hochul added and Amendment that exempts the proposed Village of Ateres from that requirement because they had already scheduled a date to count the petitions. The date was canceled because while the State Senate had voted on the Gov's amendment in the affirmative, the State Assembly did not vote on it yet. Judge's ruling requires the vote to proceed anyway.

Late Thursday morning, Justice Stephan Schick ordered the election to be held immediately on the same day as his order.

Town officials said the votes would be counted after the polls close but will be sequestered until a later date.

Rieber said as ordered by the judge, the supervisors and town clerks will not be required to certify the election at this time.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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