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Get Back In The Game!!

Two days ago "Back in the Game" shop gave away 17 bicycles. This is a consignment shop that does that kind of thing often, along with sports jackets, boots and anything that is not new, but perfectly usable, especially since young kids outgrow their clothes so fast, and who needs a perfect shiny new coat to go play football, or hiking, or go hockey, or just roll around in the leaves on a Fall day..

On thi particular day the OC Bombers Travel Ball 14U held a Pitching Clinic with D1 Coach Danielle, and as you can see it was a big crowd and very successful.

What better combo than to stop by the Consignment Ship and pick up some needed gear (either low low cost or sometimes free), and then go Get Back in the Game!

If you want to know more about participating, or what gear is available, call

the folks at Back in the game, (845) 508-6800) or stop by at 16 S Main St, Florida, NY 10921

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