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First Semi-Annual Courier Journal Statistical Report Puts Smiles on Readers & Advertisers

This report was the result of incredible hard work over the past year, and we are thrilled that the Wix Ad Analysis Reports have given us some very high A+ scores on numbers of readers (a steady 5,000 to 6,000 per month with a great Bounce Rate, Return Readers , fast story load times.) Bear in mind that thee are analytics comparing us, not to brand new "Startups" but to other businesses of our kind.


EVERY time a new story is put on the Courier website, I am given feedback as to readership, by individual story. This gives the opportunity to, econsider what kinds of new additional stories our readers are looking for today.And when I have a story that pops up with over 1,000 readers overnight (like the Stone House Farm Story), I know to be vigilant for the coming year or more about news on it and related issues.

What does that do for you as readers and advertisers? It shows that you are getting an excellent quality of stories, and enough to keep reading and keep coming back. For our advertisers, especially our newest ad program which offers 6 months of repeating or rotating ads along with stories about your busisness and any related stories you request. And the 6-month advertiers are recognized as Business Sponsors, and as such are profiled at events and some future publications that are in the works. If $250 for 6 months presentation to about 36,000 readers doesn't fit your taste, we do regular free-standing $40/month ads as well.

So, take a look at how we're doing, and come along for the ride.(These flyers will go to the print shop this weekend, so if you want paper copies just send me an email (




We appreciate our customers and thank them for their business!

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