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Fire Climbs Up Wall Leaving Major Damage to Washingtonville Home

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Yesterday at about 10am sirens started blaring from all directions in the Village of Washingtonville. It was neighboring fire departments coming to extinghish flames at a home on Fontayne Rd. just off of Route 208 to the West of the center of the Village. Major damage was sustained to the right half of the house from the first floor to the roof. But the left half appears to have sustained minimal damage.

I spoke briefly to the family who was outside of the house and surrounded by friends and neighbors, Belfore, the restoration company that is just finishing the repairs at the center of the village to the Corner Candle Store, was already there before noon, doing preliminary estimates of what will be required for restoration of the home.

Aid from surrounding Fire Departments was likely critical in saving the home from more serious damage. Assisting Washingtonville's Fire Department were Salisbury Mills, Vails Gate FAST, Goshen, Maybrook, Coldenham FAST, Campbell Hall and Blooming Grove EMS. Cornwall was on standby.

Asked how everyone was, the gentleman of the house smiled and said "Everyone is OK, Thank God!"

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