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Environmentalists Rejoice Over Coming Ban On Gas Hookups

ALBANY- In a big win for environmental groups, the recently adopted state budget bans new gas hook-ups beginning in 2025. New York will be phasing in all-electric heating and cooking for new construction projects.

“In this budget we are taking important steps to reduce our state’s carbon emissions and move us away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources,” said Didi Barrett, Chairwoman of the Assembly Energy Committee.

While the move is significant, it will not apply to any existing gas stove or heating system and there are some exemptions for some commercial users such as the State’s hospital systems and restaurants.

In New York currently, buildings account for 32 percent of the state’s emissions and natural gas powers 46 percent of the State’s electricity generation.

“It’s going to take time and I want to make sure New Yorkers don’t get hit hard for the costs, so we’re going to roll this out,” said Governor Kathy Hochul.

Critics say the impending State ban will drive rising energy costs even higher while also eliminating the choice as to what kind of heating and appliances a consumer may want in a new home unnecessarily. “People are apt to make choices of whether they are in New York State or somewhere else and this will provide a further strain on the market until there’s certainty about the availability in the grid as we move forward, so that’s a real concern,” said Joseph Hogan, Vice President of Building Services at the Associated Contractors of New York State.

It is also possible the ban could also face legal hurdles after a recent decision by the Federal Courts questioned the power of state or local governments to ban gas infrastructure.

Republicans, who led the opposition to the ban on gas stoves pounced on the new rule. “The Democrats enthusiastically pummeling New York into the ground are about to pass a statewide ban on gas hook-ups on new construction,” said Lee Zeldin, Hochul’s opponent from the 2022 election. Republican Senate Leader Rob Ortt called the ban “unconstitutional.”

With the budget finally adopted, New York Lawmakers are set to conclude this year’s session in about a month’s time.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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