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BREAKING NEWS: Convention Study Completed & LaGuardia Site Is A Contender

A convention Center is proposed for Orange County.

Blooming Grove – A consultant study into the feasibility of creating a convention center in Orange County has been completed with a promising conclusion.

County Executive Steven Neuhaus said that will open the door for further discussions about possible locations for construction of such a facility. “The consultants believe that Orange County is ripe for a convention center. We’re not looking for a Javits Center but looking at something you would see maybe like the Gaylord in Maryland where you have the MGM, all that whole campus down there,” he said.

Neuhaus said there are several possible locations to be considered including Stewart Airport, Camp LaGuardia, the Orange County Fairgrounds in the Town of Wallkill and the Galaxy site in Maybrook among others.

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Source: Mid Hudson News

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