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Carol Drive Bridge Area in Fishkill Advised to Evacuate - Temporary Bridge Washed Away

The Carol Drive Bridge area. Image provided by Google Maps

EAST FISHKILL – Town Supervisor Nick D’Alessandro has declared a State of Emergency for town residents near the Carol Drive Bridge, including Oak Ridge Road. The temporary Carol Drive Bridge over Fishkill Creek has been washed away due to rising water levels in the creek.

D’Alessandro says residents near the bridge are being asked to vacate. “We recommend that you evacuate your family until late this evening (July 10th) as the flood waters will recede at that point. We encourage all families with young children and elderly to please consider evacuating.

The Carol Drive Bridge was in the process of being replaced when the recent storms arrived and washed away the temporary bridge. At this point, Supervisor D’Alessandro said, “Only residents with SUVs and trucks can cross over the Carol Drive Bridge.” The entrance to the bridge is currently flooding, prohibiting low-riding vehicles from crossing. To accommodate residents that need to cross the bridge, the East Fishkill Highway Department has trucks stationed near the bridge to transport residents over the flooded areas. Additionally, D’Alessandro noted that the following roads are closed or travel-limited:

  • Townsend Road is closed.

  • Phillips Road is closed.

  • Miller Hill/Wonderland has one lane closed.

Carol Drive Bridge is limited to homeowners/residents with trucks or SUVs as of 4:00 p.m. Monday, July 10, 2023.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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