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BREAKING: WARNING - Air Quality Issues Encroach on Us From Canada's 3,000 -Acre Fire

Town of Blooming Grove, NY - You may have noticed what looked like heavy rain clouds decending on areas of the Lower Hudson Valley today. But a sniff or the air would quickly tell you that it was more than moisture condensation, but some kind of nasty smelling smoke.

At tonight's Town Board Meeting , Supervisor Rob Jerolman announced that he had circulated phone and e-mail messages to residents about the potential dangers for anyone with respiratory issues or who is experiencing a reaction from the wet and smoky 'smog'. An Air Quality Alert was issued by New York State . He gave a number for concerned individuals to call and recommended that anyone experiencing a reaction should contact their doctor for guidance. Further, anyone working outdoors, should imit physical exertion while this condition continues, should wear a mask while outdoors and when possible should stay indoors and keep windows closed when the smoky breeze is high., especially if they have or are at risk of a serious reaction, adding that he himself had experienced a reaction to smokey conditions during a trip in Florida, and without any known previous issues. For comparison, he reminded that the frightening fire in Blooming Grove recently wias an expanse of 100 acres, while this fire in Canada currently covers 3,000 acres.

The reason that New York is getting impacted so greatly by this poor air quality is that there is a prevailing low and the jet stream in the area of Nova Scotia is pushing it this way.. Tomorrow there will probably be an updated status reprort frm state authorities.

In an interview with pulmonologizt Barbara Mann of Mount Sinai, the DailyNews reported that she said "The haze that’s crept over the city may cause some chest tightness, eye watering or shortness of breath while the air conditions persist. Long-term smog leaves New Yorkers at an increased risk of heart attacks and respiratory conditions like asthma. "

The poor air quality may continue and even get worse through Wednesday afternoon. Many schools are canceling outdoor activities for children while it lasts.

Meanwhile there are still plenty of free extra masks aailable at Town Hall. For updates at the State level call 1-800-535-1345.

The Canada fire is being attributed to unprecedented high temperatures, high wind, and lightning strikes. - New York on Tuesday

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