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BREAKiNG: County Exec Pushing Forward on Plan for County Park Similar to Thomas Bull at LaGuardia

Main Building at the former Camp LaGuardia

The idea of developing the Orange County-owned Camp LaGuardia property in the towns of Chester and Blooming Grove into a county park has been discussed for months and now it may move forward.

County Executive Steven Neuhaus, who first proposed the plan for the long-dormant property, would like to start talks with the county legislature in earnest. “Now that the Heritage Trail that runs through that property is now going to spur out to Salisbury Mills – that’s happening. The county is taking ownership of that whole rail that is going to run right through that property, that is going to make the site even more of an argument to make that site a park,” he said. Neuhaus said the new park will be of a magnitude similar to the county’s Thomas Bull Park in Montgomery.

The Camp LaGuardia property consists of over 250 acres divided betwen Chester and Blooming Grove

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