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Assemblyman Colin Schmitt Activated To Army National Guard Buffalo Blizzard Mission

Washingtonville, NY — Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C- New Windsor), a Sergeant in the Army National Guard, has been activated for the Buffalo Blizzard Mission. Schmitt will deploy in support of the ongoing mission in Buffalo starting today, Tuesday, December 27, 2022.

Assemblyman Schmitt’s office will continue to be fully operational until the end of his term this Saturday evening to provide service and assistance uninterrupted to all residents of the 99th Assembly District.

Assemblyman Schmitt has already held transition meetings with Assemblyman-elect Brian Maher and Assemblyman-elect Chris Eachus who will each assume half of the Assemblyman’s current 99th district once new terms and new district lines take effect on January 1st.

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt stated, “One of the most devastating winter storms in Western New York history continues to wreak havoc on our fellow New Yorkers. My unit has been activated to assist with the ongoing response to the Buffalo Blizzard and I will be deploying to the Buffalo area to do my part. It is expected that I will be in the Buffalo area in support of this mission through the remainder of my term which ends this weekend. My office and staff will continue full operations through Saturday evening when my term expires and will ensure the continued smooth transition to newly elected members of the Assembly.”

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt is currently serving as a Sergeant in the 53rd Troop Command HHD, New York State Army National Guard. Schmitt has been a member of the Army National Guard for over seven years and has previously been activated for the federal COVID-19 relief mission and in support of the Hurricane Irma and Maria Relief Mission.

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