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A Good News Flash for Local Travel - Round Hill Bridge & Road at Satterly Creek is DONE!

Blooming Grove - A thorn in travel of Orange County drivers for the past 3 months has been the detours around replacement of the Round Hill Bridge and roadway between Routes 208 and 94, midway between Washingtonville to the North and Monroe to the Southeast or Chester to the Southwest. Local drivers have had to do a 15 minute detour either all the way into Washingtonville, or the alternatives of Horton or Prospect to Peddler Hill and then back North. Round Hill Road is also frequently used as a shortcut to access Clove Road which is a main traffic route to Salisbury Mills and Cornwall. during busy school and commuter hours.

It's good timing, happening just 4 days before Thanksgiving, thus saving up to 30 minutes on a trip for extra groceries or a bottle of wine. And the highway repair crew did a good job, laying silt fencing along the roadside near the Satterly Creek, installing a new large culvert that will help prevent flooding and accidents which had become frequent when the Satterly breached its banks. The flooding had contributed to several motorists crashing into and crumbling the retaining fence and temporary concrete barriers in several places. Prospect Road, which intersects and ends just past the new bridge is the longest road in the Town.

The bridge work was done by Orange County.

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